A.A. – Application Addictions

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So I recently got an Iphone and have been maximizing it’s use through different applications. I’m currently hooked to Draw Something and Instagram, an app I hesitated to download at first but ended up getting just because I want to see Stylebible’s posts. While Draw Something is my stress reliever after work, it’s even more enjoyable for me because I get to play it with my friends whom I barely get to see because of our forever complicated schedules (or because sometimes I’m too lazy to get out of the house).

So here’s the Instagram pictures I have uploaded in the past 4 days, yes that much in a few days.

Addicted to it, I tell you.

Nori. Nori. Nori.


Friday Madness.

Cheers to the Freaking Weekend.

Grade School Memories.

Monthly Reads.

Sweet Sunday.



Because Girls Can Never Have Enough Accessories.

Missing Bangkok.

Maximizing Draw Something.

Daily routine when I arrive home.

Any more addicting applications I should download? 🙂


Long Weekend.

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I had a long weekend and no out-of-town trip, what happened? A little shopping, a bit of alcohol and a lot of bumming around with friends…I guess just what I needed. 🙂

Excuse me for the photo vomit, were just exploring this new application in my phone.


Played with cute Gabby.

Gossip catch up with the girls.


Did a bit shopping with my boy Twin. 🙂

Shoe story.

Car wash boredom # 1

Car wash boredom # 2

Car wash boredom # 3

Car wash boredom # 4

Car wash boredom # 5

Grabbing snacks.

Night chill.

His Janoski.

My Blondie.

Oh and Santa finally came to town.

Say hello to Mint! 🙂

Photo Catch Up

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So I’ve been quiet for a long time and probably its because my life has been work – home – running man marathon. What’s Running Man? It’s a Korean variety show that I recently been so addicted to lately, don’t worry I’m still the same old me. 🙂

I also recently got a new phone and has been taking a lot of photos, so here’s a little picture catch up:


Mom’s face palm thank you reply.

Ps. I’m an only child




My new travel Taboo game.


Exploring a panoramic application in my phone.

(That’s my workplace)


Found and fell inlove with Haha.

(I told you I’m a recent Running Man addict)


Discovered SimSimi, who thinks like me.


Planned my August trip with these girls. ❤


Was tempted to eat this heart rice.


Found a future kitchen equipment for my own house.


Day dreamed over and over again with this Bruin.


Realized that I’m not the only one in this world who sucks at drawing.

17 Days til Pilot Episode!

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Just saw TTWS’s teaser and I’m definitely going!

1.20.2012, please come faster.

Coming soon.

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Movies coming up for this year.

Board Game Addict.

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If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know by now that I have been hooked to Guesstures these past few days, I only bought the game last Friday and have played it several times over the weekend.

First one was with some of my friends. We stayed in for the night watched the Kardashians, ate tons of pizza and had a little bit of booze.  Take note: I was watching the Kardashians with two straight guys. Hi Lojs & Lean! 😀

And with the whole family yesterday, we were too lazy to get the camera from the car so no pictures were taken. 😦 But my soup cousins (Soup, english for sabaw. Nye, corny) made up for it by their corny jokes. Still bumenta sa akin because I’m very mababaw.

We didn’t win but we shall take revenge in the next family lunch.

Photos were taken from @leanbantweet & @darylalvarez’s instagram account. 

Christmas 2011

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The whole family went out of Manila for the Christmas weekend. Unfortunately Rean (cousin) and I were only there for a night because of work & some commitments but nevertheless we made the most out of it.

We left Manila around 6 pm of Saturday and arrived at Subic at around 9 pm, I’m a fast driver. (Yabang!) Grabbed pre-dinner with cousins, then killed time by drinking punch, playing video games and dota. By 12 midnight the old ones were too tired and decided to move the party to lunch time the following day, kiddos were a bit bummed so we protested by sleeping early. Haha!

We woke up the following day to the smell of breakfast but since were still pissed, we decided to chill in the room & watch movies. (Rebel kids. Haha.) We went down to grab food then went up again, protesting pa din kami eh. Hihi. By lunch time our cool Tita told us to hit the showers and dress up for the 80’s party, I was still not in the mood but my cousins told me that they really prepared for it so I gave in. Yes, I was the rebel leader. Lol.

The party started a bit late but it the end everyone had a blast laughing at each others outfit.

And also because each one received their money envelope.

Rebel kids then decided to small carnival nearby which happened to be owned by a family friend. Yay for free passes! 🙂 We had so much that we decided to share some of them to random kids we saw inside the carnival. Sharing is good right? 😀

Photo vomit time.

Oldies in 80’s.

Our Will Smith for the day: Jek & me.

Bebe boy and me. (Inside joke, sorry)

Pop who called himself “Billy” and me. (We don’t get it either)

Mom & me. I’m way taller than her, right?

Movie poster lang ang drama. Haha!

Me and Eka. I promise she is the Ukay queen, she found her whole outfit there! Amaze-balls!

Happy rebel kids.

“Billy” and the kids. Feeling kasi ni Pop artista siya for the day, irita.

Old ones tried to do jump shot.

Gifts & envelope.

Did you guys enjoyed your Christmas weekend?